Saturday, August 6, 2011

Tempahan Pn. Rafiza

Kurung modern for her 8yo daughter.

the baju

the kain

close up
back: invisible zip
stretchable cuff 

workmanship for the kurung modern is RM25 excluded the accessories

Kurung moden and pants for her 2yo daughter

the baju

the pants

workmanship for  the kurung modern +pants is RM20 excluded the accessories

Blouse and pants for her 8months old baby

the blouse

the pants

workmanship for the blouse + pants is RM20 excluded the accessories 

Nursing kurung for the mummy

the nursing kurung

close up

workmanship for the Nursing Kurung is RM40

TQ Puan Rafiza from Semenyih..Hope to see you again :D

interested? do email me or just go to our FANPAGE to order

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