Monday, July 2, 2012

Dresses In Line

Hi all...i'm quite busy to update this blog..doesn't mean to neglect you my dear blog, but i am quite busy lately...busy with office work, editing pictures and for sure sewing activities..huhu

ok here are the series of yana ariff baby's dresses...before this i upload 2 0r 3 dresses may have a look at previous entries HERE and HERE.

dresses in same fabric print but diff design ;)

Birthday Party Dress...

Zoom it ;)
Untuk kelainan, guna polka dots for bodice and ruffle ;)

Bow dress..this one is simple and cute dress ;)

A Skirt

gunakan kain yang ada sepenuhnya...finally semua kain yang ada di manfaatkan sepenuhnya ;)

hihi...nanti banyak la dress baby yana guna kain xpe kan since design baju berbeza.. 

Last but not thanks to yana..owh ada lagi 2 pasang baju kurung baby yana sedang menanti untuk dijahit..hehe

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