Thursday, November 8, 2012

Flower Girls Dress

Alhamdulillah, i managed to finish the orders from Puan Saff before the dateline given to me...already post to her yesterday

Layered / ayano with sleeve and the other one sleeveless...both i like it...just add simple lace for embellishment... erk main beli jer lace tu, harap tuan punya dress ni suka la yer..hehe

sleeveless and with sleeve layered dress

The lace ^_^

The jubah / long dress...these two jubah using sophia tunic but i just extent the length of the tunic... some simple embellishment was added to both jubah, a ric-rac and lace...also these jubah have sash at the back ^_^

the jubahs ('',)

 a simple dress for 3 months old baby

** 2 last picts were taken by camera phone...sorry for the bad quality (-_-')

Thank you for the orders. Hope to see you again (^_^)// Puan Saff

interested? do email me or just go to our FANPAGE to order

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