Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dresses Done!!!

presenting latest lovely dresses that i sew... i learnt something new when i sew Charlotte's dress.. guest what?   new skill that i love, hand pleat which give you different impact ^_^

hand pleats....need LOTS of pins and patience ^_^

zoom out the hand pleat effect :)

 Then the second dress was carla precious dress..this one i used normal gathered...not hand pleat ya ;) in deed i love this one try my best to center the big flower at the bodice ^_^

 And here is the most popular pattern, ayano dress a.k.a layered dress...little double layer flutter was request by mummy ;)

 and the last one is tiered twirly dress, also one of the top pattern...and i love this combo very much...pandai mummy pilih kain ;)

Last but not least...TQ puan Nadya...thanks for your to hear from you again...hehe

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Ella Dress & Layered Dress

Alhamdulillah walaupun order yang saya terima tidak banyak (as banyak as full time tailor), itu sudah cukup membuat saya tidak menang tangan...lagi pun memang purposely saya tak accept banyak orders in a one time...yes ku sedar i cant make it because i am only a part time tailor, only sew at night and on to deary customers (to be) please give me an ample time for me to finish the orders shaa Allah you will satisfy with my workmanship...amin...okay saya sudah melalut entah ape2 dah kan

presenting my latest project, dress for little princess

Ella dress before embellish the bodice with buttons

Add buttons to make it more cheerful

Bloomers for little princess as requested by mommy :)

and the last one, the most preferable patten, layered dress a.k.a ayano dress

TQ puan Shahasniza for the orders...both fabric sent to me by customer...hope you will love the dresses...and please do not hesitate to share the photos of your princess wearing the dress ^_^

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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Peasant Blouse

Another peasant top / blouse...these tops are one of favorite pattern...simple and cute...actually the left one came with matching pants but i did not take the picture...

fabrics for both tops were sent by the customer...TQ dear for the order

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Peasant Dress

Alhamdulillah...actually these dresses dah pos lama dah...baru sempat update kat blog...these two peasant top was for my ex-schoolmate's daughter...she request a blouse with long sleeve...i make these peasant top but with some modification or design to make it with tie knot and the other one with ruffle at neckline ^_^

ok this peasant dress was actually a new born gift for my husband's officemate's daughter...simple dress but it is cute one right? ehehe 

used our fabric collections...

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mamAlya giveaway winners

Alhamdulillah pemenang untuk mamalya GA dah ada...boleh tengok kat FB sape yang bertuah itu...hadiah pun dah selamat dipos kepada yang bertuah itu ;)

Saturday, February 2, 2013

mamAlya Giveaway Officially Closed

Bismillah...mamalya boutique giveaway officially closed...thanks a lot for those who participated, a very big hug for your support...

Will announce the winner in shaa Allah tomorrow...

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