Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dresses Done!!!

presenting latest lovely dresses that i sew... i learnt something new when i sew Charlotte's dress.. guest what?   new skill that i love, hand pleat which give you different impact ^_^

hand pleats....need LOTS of pins and patience ^_^

zoom out the hand pleat effect :)

 Then the second dress was carla precious dress..this one i used normal gathered...not hand pleat ya ;) in deed i love this one try my best to center the big flower at the bodice ^_^

 And here is the most popular pattern, ayano dress a.k.a layered dress...little double layer flutter was request by mummy ;)

 and the last one is tiered twirly dress, also one of the top pattern...and i love this combo very much...pandai mummy pilih kain ;)

Last but not least...TQ puan Nadya...thanks for your to hear from you again...hehe

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nini said...

wow...cantik la akak.....

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