Monday, February 18, 2013

Ella Dress & Layered Dress

Alhamdulillah walaupun order yang saya terima tidak banyak (as banyak as full time tailor), itu sudah cukup membuat saya tidak menang tangan...lagi pun memang purposely saya tak accept banyak orders in a one time...yes ku sedar i cant make it because i am only a part time tailor, only sew at night and on to deary customers (to be) please give me an ample time for me to finish the orders shaa Allah you will satisfy with my workmanship...amin...okay saya sudah melalut entah ape2 dah kan

presenting my latest project, dress for little princess

Ella dress before embellish the bodice with buttons

Add buttons to make it more cheerful

Bloomers for little princess as requested by mommy :)

and the last one, the most preferable patten, layered dress a.k.a ayano dress

TQ puan Shahasniza for the orders...both fabric sent to me by customer...hope you will love the dresses...and please do not hesitate to share the photos of your princess wearing the dress ^_^

interested? do email me or just go to our FANPAGE to order

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geram nini nengok...sangat cantik ok

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