Thursday, August 15, 2013

Jubah, Dress, Top & Pants

Ordered from qish damia for her little princess... An A-line Jubah...there is little difference with this jubah when i added the bib..dan juga part hujung lengan yang berbeza..ala-ala hujung lengan baju kemeja...lagi menyerlah bila ditambah dengan warna butang yang contra...jubah ini juga disertakan detachable sash...

and this carla dress looks so sweet..and i love most about this dress are the sleeves and the peterpan collar ^_^

and i love this blouse and pants tooo...a simple peasant top with ruffled pants...nampak cute and sweet kan? ^___^ 

fabric for these dress are from our fabric collections...

interested? do email me or just go to our FANPAGE to order

All the photos that i upload at blog are a little bit back dated...for the latest photos or updates, do follow our FB fanpage ^_^

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