Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Personalized Towel

Ditempah khas oleh sue untuk pembaca setia blognya sempena mini giveaway yang dianjurkan oleh beliau...siapa yang bertuah akan mendapat towel ini...carrot adalah treadmark blog sue so semestinya carrot harus ada ;)

and once again my ex-uni, anim order this towel...i guess it was for her newly wed friends or relatives...

Thanks both of u ^_^

Price starts from RM38 for adult size and RM25 for kids size(inclusive towel, embroidery/applique and wordings)...In syaa Allah we use high quality grade towels...100% cotton, thick and soft...

interested? do email me or just go to our FANPAGE to order
email: mamalya.boutique@gmail.com

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